About Ascension

Factors to Consider in Preparation for Graduation and Ascension


The Ascension process is an internal spiritual journey that is linked to your choices regarding your multidimensional worlds. To Ascend, one must maintain a series of vibratory frequencies within the soul and spirit consciousness. Depending on anything other than oneself to Ascend is a denial of the God/Goddess within.


The human consciousness hologram was created to keep the many bodies together as a unit. There are various external aspects that can help make the procedure more efficient and enjoyable, but many of them are optional.

Many people in the past have limited their Ascension potential because they relied on outside factors. They believed that an external factor or factors based on scientific technologies would assist them in ascending.
Those individuals who worked so hard for many years to create Ascension devices gradually realized how futile their efforts were. Some of these attempts resulted in harm to the environment and harm to the human bodies involved.

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