New Earth or Ascending to Higher Realms

Archangel Metatron channeled a lengthy message, 15 years ago, posted on a website that states:

“Humans, or third Dimension life forms, will graduate to either the fourth Dimension worlds or fifth Dimensional oneness, depending on their level of evolution and their intent.”

New Earth-Ascension-The Multiverse

Every soul will be free to evolve along a spiritual path of love and service to all creation.

Ecologically, all inhabitants of the New Earth will respect every part of creation as having value. Humanity and ecology will become one, since all are interconnected and one cannot survive without the other. A global respect for all nature will predominate among all living things. This spiritually based respect will help maintain a clean, healthy environment on the New Earth. Everyone will learn how to respect all parts of creation.

The gates of Heaven will open, and you will be surrounded by a glorious new world. There will always be Intergalactic friends willing to help solve pressing challenges. As we approach the “New Earth,” we are, in effect, reclaiming the state of consciousness we had during the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. On these continents, many of the residents graduated and evolved to the fifth-dimensional state of consciousness. Many who failed to evolve twenty-five thousand years ago “Now” reside on Earth and await the present opportunity to shift to the fifth-dimensional state of consciousness.

Planet earth in the fifth dimension
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